Signs that you may have Kidney Disease


More than a million people in India suffer from Kidney Diseases, but only 10% are aware of it. The symptoms of kidney diseases are often regarded as a condition itself. The only way to know for sure if you have kidney disease is by getting tested.

So if you suffer from hypertension or have diabetes or family history of kidney disease it is important to keep these symptoms in check as they can be early signs of Kidney disease.


1. Backache & stomach pain

Kidneys are located near lower ribs; the very first symptom for kidney disease is backache and stomach pain.


2. Fatigue, Dizziness

Kidneys are responsible for eliminating toxins from your body, build up of these toxins because for poor kidney function can cause fatigue and dizziness.


3. Swelling in ankle, feet or legs

Sodium retention due to reduced kidney function leads to swelling in feet and ankle.


4. Dry itchy Skin

Healthy kidneys remove waste and extra fluids from body. For some people increase in the urea in bloodstream can cause dry and itchy skin.


5. Change in Frequent urination

Urine output decreases due to reduced kidney function.


6. Puffiness around eyes

Poor kidney function causes fluid retention causing puffiness around eyes and face.


7. Foamy urine

Increase in presence of protein in urine causes foamy urine.


8. blood in urine

When the kidney’s filters have been damaged, the blood cells start to leak out into the urine.

If you have any of the above symptoms visit your doctor. Contact us if you have any questions regarding Kidney Diseases. You can also contact us through our Social Media channels such as Facebook and YouTube.