Robotic Surgery For Prostate Cancer In Bangalore

Robotic surgery is a robot assisted surgical procedure. It is done by means of a highly sophisticated robotic surgical system which helps the surgeon with better visualization and instrument manipulation in case of prostrate surgeries. At SS Urocare we have been offering robotic surgery for prostate cancer in Bangalore since a long time now.

What happens in a robotic surgery for prostate cancer?

Robotic surgery uses a specialized surgical system that allows the surgeon to operate on the prostate with a better vision, precision and control.

The surgeon will seat in front of the computer and control the operation from there itself. The robot assisted surgeries have better wrist movements as compared to human wrists. So, it can even reach places where normally the instruments would not have reached. This helps in better visualization and definitely improves the prognosis. The prostate is removed through one of the key hole incisions made during the procedure.

robotic surgery for prostate cancer in Bangalore

How long does it take to recover from a robotic prostate surgery?

If you undergo a robotic prostate surgery, you will be discharged within 1-2 days post-surgery although it might take 21 days to a month for complete recovery.

Prostate surgery is a major surgical procedure. Robotic assistance has made it an easier job now.

What are the side effects after a robotic prostate surgery?

The side effects of a prostate surgery remain the same, be it an open surgery or a robotic one. Urinary incontinence is the most common and immediate side effect following a prostate surgery. The condition generally improves with time.

How long does it take to perform a robotic prostate surgery?

A robotic prostate surgery will take around 2-4 hours. It is a major surgical procedure and needs to be done with high precision.

Does robotic prostate surgery affect the sexual life?

Prostate surgery can affect your sexual life. It may cause problems like impotence and erectile dysfunction.

Is robotic prostate surgery a successful procedure?

As compared to normal surgical procedures to cure prostate cancer, robotic surgery is definitely a better option. It has a higher success rate as compared to conventional surgical procedures.

If you are looking for a urology care center to get robotic prostate surgery in Bangalore, you can visit us at SS Urocare.