Kids Urology Treatment in Bangalore

Paediatric urology is a specialized branch of Urology that concerns urologic disorders of children. If you are looking for kids urology treatment in bangalore, Shree Srinivasa Urocare should be your destination.

We have the best Paediatric Urologists of Bangalore, on board with us to help treat any kind of urologic conditions.

What are the kind of urologic disorders affecting children?

There are certain urologic disorders common in children like cryptorchidism (undescended testes), congenital abnormalities of the genitourinary tract, enuresis, underdeveloped genitalia (due to delayed growth or delayed puberty, often an endocrinological problem), and vesicoureteral reflux.

Paediatric Urologist Bangalore
Let us get to know a little in details about each one of these conditions.

1. CRYPTORCHIDISM is a condition in which one or both the testes fail to descend into the scrotal sac. It is a congenital disorder which is self- correcting mostly and becomes fine within a year of after birth. Sometimes, a minor surgery is required to place is in the scrotum.

2. ENURESIS is a condition in which the child loses bladder control. These children are unable to hold their urine and are often criticized of being bed-wetters. But, it actually isn’t their fault. It is due to a condition that they are unable to hold their urine. This is normal for children below the age of 5-6 years. But, if it still persists, you should visit an Urologist at the earliest and get it treated. Enuresis is treated by oral medicines. If your child is suffering from similar issues, you can visit us at Shree Srinivasa Urocare and consult with our specialist regarding the same.

3. UNDERDEVELOPED GENETALIA can be congenital or maybe caused due to some trauma to the testes or hormonal dysfunction. Whatever be the cause, you can be assured of the perfect treatment for your child at Shree Srinivasa Urocare. Our doctors have been dealing successfully with children with many such urological disorders for over 10 years now.

4. VESICOURETERAL REFLEX is a condition mostly affecting children and infants in which the urine goes the wrong way. Urine is supposed to flow from the kidneys to the bladder then get excreted through the ureter. In children with vesicoureteral reflex, the urine flows back to the kidneys.

If your child has pain while urinating, or has a cloudy urine or a persistent urge to urinate, he may be suffering from vesicoureteral reflex. This condition can be cured by a surgical procedure. So, without any further delay, you should take him to a Urologist. At Shree Srinivasa Urocare, we have every solution to any kind of urological problems.

If you want to know more about the urological disorders or your kid is suffering from one, book an appointment with us. We are available 24*7 at Indiranagar, Bangalore. We are one of the best hospitals for kids urology treatment in Bangalore.