Laparoscopic Surgery in Bangalore

Laparoscopic surgery is a recent development in the field of medicine which has made surgeries a cakewalk. In this method of surgery, very small incisions are made through which the instruments are inserted in order to perform a surgical procedure. SS Urocare is one of the renowned urology centers to offer you Laparoscopic surgery in Bangalore.

With the help of laparoscopic surgery, even the major surgeries look like minor ones. In this form of surgical procedure, instead of making a big incision, a very minute incision is made on the abdomen. Through this incision a narrow tube is inserted which contains the instruments required for the surgical procedure. The surgeon operates through that tube.

Laparoscopic Surgery in Bangalore

Can a gall bladder operation be done through laparoscopy?

Yes, gall bladder operation is one of the most popular surgeries to be done by laparoscopy.

For a gall bladder operation, 3 puncture holes are made. A camera is inserted through one hole and the other two are used to insert instruments for the surgical procedure.

What is the advantage of a laparoscopic surgery over an open surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery involves such minute incisions that the pain and discomfort of a surgical procedure is immensely decreased. It reduces blood loss, pain and chances of any post-surgical infection by a large extent. Patients also feel a lesser impact of anesthesia as less anesthesia is required in case of laparoscopic surgeries. The instruments used here are also very fine and highly sophisticated causing less tissue trauma in turn reducing the post-operative pain or difficulties.

Is Laparoscopic surgery a successful procedure?

Yes, laparoscopic surgery is a highly successful procedure.

What is the cost for a laparoscopic surgery in Bangalore?

The cost for laparoscopic surgery in Bangalore is 1.5 lacs -1.7 lacs on an average. To know more about the rates, you can visit us at our hospital.

How long will it take to heal completely after a laparoscopic surgery?

The time required to heal completely following a laparoscopic surgery depends on the type of surgery involved. Our doctors will let you know all details before starting the procedure. On an average it will take 5-7 days for the primary healing.

Is laparoscopic surgery a painful procedure?

During the surgery, you will be under anesthesia so there is no question of pain. Post-surgery, you might experience a minute discomfort or throbbing pain in the region of incision which we will take care of.

Laparoscopic surgery may seem like a minor one but is a major surgical procedure. Although it involves less risk and discomfort as compared to an open surgery, it might still cause you a little difficulty. But there is no need to worry about that. At SS Urocare, our surgeons are always available to relieve you from any kind of pain or difficulties.

So, if you are looking for a hospital where you can get one of the best laparoscopic surgery in Bangalore, SS Urocare is the place for you.