Kidney Stone Treatment In Bangalore

Shree Srinivasa Urocare is a leading hospital when it comes to kidney stone treatment in Bangalore. The components in our urine sometimes can crystallize to form stone like structures of different shapes and sizes known as kidney stones. These kidney stones, if smaller in size, normally gets excreted through urine. But if the size is big it doesn’t pass through urine and causes blockage in the urinary pathway. These need to be taken out by means of surgery. Dr. K. S. Shiva Kumar is the best kidney stone removal doctor in Bangalore. At our hospital, we provide non-invasive as well as invasive surgeries to remove your kidney stones.


What Are the Treatment Modalities for Kidney Stone Removal in Bangalore?

There are 4 ways in which your kidney stone can be removed. These are:

The treatment modality depends on the size of the stone. Before proceeding, our doctors will explain to you every procedure in detail.

How Do I Know if I Have Kidney Stones?

In general, people suffering from kidney stones have symptoms of pain, bleeding while urination and severe discomfort. In order to get rid of such discomfort and pain these stones need to be removed. We at Shree Srinivasa Urocare, offer best treatment modalities for kidney stone removal including “key hole surgery “, lithotripsy and laser treatments.

Can I Remove My Kidney Stones Naturally?

Kidney stones, if very small in size can be naturally removed. Some of the home remedies to remove kidney stones includes: drinking a lot of water, avoiding sugary food and caffeinated drinks, drinking lemon juice more often, managing your weight, consuming apple cider vinegar.

Can Kidney Stones Be Removed Without Surgery?

Yes, kidney stones can be removed without surgery. In fact, most of the kidney stones are removed without surgery, they pass through urine on their own within 3 to 6 weeks. Although, pain relief treatment is necessary. In case of exaggerated pain, hospital admission is necessary.

How Long Does It Take to Recover From a Kidney Stone Removal Surgery?

After the surgery, you may be advised to be at the hospital for some more days. Once the initial recovery phase is over, you can resume your normal routine. To completely recover from a kidney stone removal surgery, it will take about 4 to 6 weeks.

At Shree Srinivasa Urocare, we have a team of highly experienced urologists. Our chief consultant is Dr K.S. Shiva Kumar, one of the best kidney stone removal doctor in Bangalore. We are a well-equipped urology care centre and perform every procedure related to your kidneys and urinary system with utmost care and efficacy. So, if you or any of your family member is suffering from Kidney Stone Problem in Banglore or regions around, then you are very welcome to visit us at Shree Srinivasa Urocare.

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