(Prostate) Green Light Laser Surgery Bangalore

Laser Urology is one of the recent advancements in the field of Urology. At Shree Srinivasa Uro Care in Banglore, we use Lasers to treat various diseases of the genitourinary tract such as kidney stones treatment, prostate cancer treatment or Green Light Laser Surgery Bangalore


Now, Let Us Know What Exactly Is Laser Urology?

Laser urology is basically performing urological surgeries or treating urological conditions by means of lasers. Lasers are a unique tool that has not just diminished the working time but also increased the efficacy of the treatment.

With the recent technological advancement, the use of lasers has become more rampant. Holmium laser, a multi-functional tool in urology, is being used for surgeries like intracorporeal lithotripsy, strictures, excision, and ablation of urothelial tumors, condylomata, and prostate.

Can Lasers Do Prostate Surgery? Is It Safe?

Lasers are safer than any other kind of surgeries. So yes, laser-operated prostate surgery is absolutely safe. Holmium laser prostate surgery is now recommended over a regular one. It is a minimally invasive treatment for an enlarged prostate.

Using lasers has actually made treatment easier. Lasers are more accurate, reaching places where instruments cannot, and are thus more effective. The best thing about laser treatments is there is no to minimal post-operative complications.

But, every good thing also has its limitations. Laser-assisted prostate surgery is recommended for prostates between 35 to 80 ml. Over that limit, an open surgery still remains to be the best option.

Can Lasers Help Treat Urethral Strictures?

Lasers also help treat strictures. Laser-induced enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP) uses a laser to remove tissue that is blocking urine flow through the prostate. It is a very safe and minimally invasive therapeutic procedure for urethral strictures. This procedure has a wonderful success rate, especially in those with stricture segments of less than 1 cm in length.

At Shree Srinivasa Urocare, our Urologist prefers laser-assisted surgeries over open surgeries for its obvious advantages. These are also less stressful for our patients.

The advanced lasers technology we use at SS Urocare Bangalore has helped our Urologists to have a much wider dimension leading to improved accuracy of treatments and offering the best cure for kidney stone with lasers. Yes, kidney stones can also be treated by lasers.

How Does Laser Treatment Remove Kidney Stones? Can I Get a Green Light Laser Surgery in Bangalore?

Yes, you can definitely get a Green Light Laser Surgery in Bangalore here at SS Urocare, by the best Urologists in town. Laser-mediated kidney stone surgery is minimally invasive and requires no incisions on your body. You are first given general anesthesia. Then a small lighted instrument (ureteroscope) is placed into your urethra and bladder to access your ureter and kidney. Once the stone is located, a laser fiber is used to transmit Holmium energy to break up your kidney stones. These stones are then excreted out through urine.

Urology has been drastically and positively influenced by this technology over the past 5 years. The urology treatments have become relatively easier and more successful with the use of Lasers. It is a miracle how the use of lasers has eased the procedures so much and given wonderful results.

The advanced laser tools have made Sree Srinivasa Uro care one of the best Urology centers in Bangalore.

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