Endoscopic Treatment For Kidney Stones Bangalore

Endourology is a specialization in Urology that concerns minimally invasive surgical procedure to treat kidney stones and other urinary tract defects. If you are looking for Endoscopic Treatment For Kidney Stones Bangalore then you can visit us at SS Urocare. We have the best equipment for Endourological surgeries which enhances the efficacy of our treatments.

Endourology procedures are not just treatment procedures but also have diagnostic purpose. By means of these procedures kidney stones can be identified, broken down and removed from the kidney.

What happens in an endourology procedure?

Endourology involves use of lasers and small telescopes to look into the body and treat certain conditions like tumours, urinary strictures or congenital abnormalities of the urinary bladder, ureter and kidneys.


What kind of problems comes under endourology?

Urologic diseases or conditions such as urinary tract infection, kidney stones, bladder control problems, prostrate problems are considered as endourological.

Some of the common treatment procedures included under the branch are Urethroscopy, Ureteroscopy, Nephroscopy, Cystoscopy.

Ureteroscopy is used to treat any blockage or stricture of the urethra whereas Ureteroscopy is used to treat stones and tumours of the ureter. Nephroscopy is used to treat stones and tumours of the lining of the kidney. Cystoscopy is used to treat urinary bladder stones and tumours. This procedure can also be used to remove obstructive prostate tissues.

By means of endourological procedures, kidney stones are broken into smaller fragmented pieces and taken out of the body through the external urinary opening. Endourological procedures, being minimally invasive, are less traumatic to the patients and has a better prognosis as well.

Some of the endourological problems might be cured by medications while some may require minimally invasive procedures. The choice of treatment depends on the condition of the patient.

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