Foods To Avoid If You Have Kidney Stone


What you choose to eat makes a lot of difference! In this blog I want to talk about Food that you should avoid if you have kidney stone.

Now before moving on to list of foods, let’s understand some basics of Kidney stones. So basically there are 4 types of kidney stones which are

a. Calcium Oxalate
b. Cystine
c. Uric Acid
d. Triple Phosphate

Now out of these 4 types the most common type of kidney stone is Calcium Oxalate. Now it’s very clear that Calcium Oxalate is formed by Calcium and Oxalate but the main culprit here is Oxalate and not calcium. So basically you have to avoid all the foods that have high Oxalate content. So which are these foods? Let’s check them out one by one.

1.Nuts: Most of us enjoy munching on nuts especially in the morning or during afternoon hunger pangs, but these nuts are high in oxalate content. A High amount of oxalate in urine can cause calcium oxalate stone.

2. Vegetables like spinach, beets, and sweet potatoes are also known to have high oxalate content.

3. Chocolate : You might be a little sad to know, but your favorite Chocolate also contains a high amount of oxalate. Consult a doctor about how much oxalate can be part of your diet.

4. Packaged and canned food such as chips, sauces contain a large amount of salt. These foods increase the amount of sodium in your body. Avoid these foods

5. Eating animal Protein like Eggs, chicken, pork, fish, especially red meat increases the amount of uric acid you produce. It also reduces the amount of citrate, a chemical that prevents the formation of stones, in the urine.

6. Drinking soft drinks and colas to quench your thirst can increase your chances of getting kidney stones as they have a high amount of sugar and chemicals such as phosphate in them. Switch your colas with lime infused water to feel refreshed and your kidney will thank you for it.

7. Processed sugar: A sweet tooth can get your kidney in trouble. Avoid eating food that contains processed sugar.

If you avoid these foods in your diet, chances of having kidney stones or recurrence decreases to a great extent.