5 habits for Prevention of kidney Stones


1 out of 10 people have a kidney stone some or the other time in their life. It does not mean that all of them would need treatment. Most kidney stones are asymptomatic unless it moves within or out of your kidney to ureter and cause discomfort or pain. Kidney Stones can be avoided if you follow 5 simple habits.

So, the 5 Habits are:


1. Drink a lot of water

When it comes to kidney stone prevention, drinking plenty of fluids is recommended. Fluids dilute and increase the volume of the stone-forming substances in urine, which makes them less likely to crystallize


2. Increase citric acid intake

Citric acid is found in citric fruits such as lemon, oranges. The juice from these fruits prevents formation and enlargement of stone


3. Limit foods high in oxalates

Oxalate can bind calcium and other minerals, forming crystals that can lead to stone formation. Oxalate can be found in leafy green vegetables such as spinach


4. Decrease salt intake

Salt contains high amount of sodium which increases calcium excretion through urine causing stone formation


5. Get enough Calcium

It's a common misunderstanding that you need to decrease your calcium intake to reduce your risk of forming calcium-containing stones. Dietary calcium tends to bind with oxalate in the diet, which prevents it from being absorbed. The kidneys then don't have to pass it through the urinary system.

Following these 5 simple habits can help you stay away from Kidney Stone. If you have any questions regarding Kidney Stones, contact us. You can also get in touch with us through our social media channels such as facebook and youtube.